What Qualities To Look For In Your Security Camera?

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It has become a mandate to install a reliable quality security camera in your home or workplace but before you buy one for you, it is wise to ensure few qualities in your security products. This may help you to get a deal that worth your money and create an unhindered security shield around your home to protect your valuable assets from vandalism. Here are some of the main qualities you need to look in your security camera before buying one-


Check for the quality warranty in your security camera in your security products to ensure that they are durable. Durable cameras are not only cost-effective but can prevent a gap in your security. To equip your home with super-durable CCTV cameras, you can reach out to Vivint.

Weather resistance

Harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, storm, sunlight, dust, and wind may damage your security product. Check if your security camera can bear these weather conditions and give proper footages of the surrounding.


Make sure that your camera is made of the anti-corrosive materials to prevent them from the corrosive depletion. The cameras covered with the plastic cases can prevent them from rain, water, and other humid conditions that may cause a corrosive depletion in them. Vivint cameras are well-known for their corrosion-resistant features.

High Resolution

The footages recorded by a high-resolution camera can give the minutiae details of a person or an incident. You may also identify a person with the criminal incident and the crystal clear images recorded by these security cameras can be used as an evidence for further legal proceedings. Hence, don't miss this crucial quality before buying your security product.

Wide Dynamic Range

A Wide Dynamic Range is an important feature used to balance a wide range of the lighting conditions to furnish a clear video footage. For instance, if one part of the image is extremely dark, whereas the other one is bright, WDR helps to balance this difference and capture a clear image.


Make sure that your security product worth the money you are investing in the security of your valuable properties. Compare the price from different vendors to prevent yourself from getting duped in the name of a superior-quality security camera. Vivint offers top-notch security products at the best affordable rates.