Excellent Thermal Security Cameras From Vivint

Looking for a cost-effective alternative for the security of your home? Thermal cameras from Vivint can meet your security specifications.

Thermal cameras allow users to see what they can't see with their naked eyes. Regardless of the lighting conditions, they will let you see the person or incident with the help of invisible heat radiation emitted or reflected by all objects. Thermal cameras deployed in the security sector can help the home and business owners with many benefits. With the help of the constant monitoring in bad to no light conditions, you can impede potential burglars from breaking into your security. At Vivint, you can avail superior-quality thermal cameras at the best affordable rates.


Check for the quality warranty in your security camera in your security products to ensure that they are durable. Durable cameras are not only cost-effective but can prevent a gap in your security. To equip your home with super-durable CCTV cameras, you can reach out to Vivint.

Work In Low Light Conditions

These security cameras can work in the poor light scenarios such as during night hours when the premises are the most prone to the security break or intrusion.

Overcome Visual Limitations

Normal security cameras cannot see through the naturally occurring visual obscurant that block reflected light. Thermal cameras can overcome these visual obstacles and can see what normal security cameras cannot.

Reduce False Alarms

thermal cameras can reduce the number of the false alarms, thus saving a bundle in the business security scenario. Thermal security cameras deploy the advanced analytics software that can perform at its maximum caliber to furnish the exceptional quality of image and video footages.

Cost-effective Security Solution

Thermal security cameras are very affordable and cater to your security needs efficiently. Thermal cameras are much cheaper as compared to the CCTV cameras. Moreover, the range covered by many CCTV cameras does not exceed 200 meters at the night time, but thermal security cameras can overcome this visibility shortcoming.

Improved Security

With the help of the security cameras, you can improve the security of your home and workplaces. It is very easy to fool the security cameras that capture only visible light. In case, where similar color or patterns blend together, it becomes difficult to identify a person or the activity. Thermal security cameras are not easy to deceive. Vivint is a single stop shop for all your security needs.