Our Research On Multiple Brands Help Us Separate 10 Top Security Systems From The Rest

No doubt, home security is of paramount importance as far as its occupants are concerned. Every home owner wants to install high-end and feature-rich security apparatus to keep their assets monitored round-the-clock even when they are not anywhere near around their homes. The following are the most sought after brands that people rely when it comes to the installation of home security and automation systems in 2018:


Excellent home automation systems coupled with energy management solutions to provide not only theft prevention, but also protect your home from fire, water and gas leakage. When this brand makes its advent into the market, people are reported to be attracted towards its technology and home automation options. For instance, Vivint's doorbell camera is the best fusion of technology and home automation solution under your budget.

  • Integrated with high-end technology with progressive features
  • Get your assets monitored through any handheld Internet-enabled devices like smart-phones
  • Two-way voice communication executed
  • All home security products are energy savers
  • Easy-to-pay financing options.
  • Absence of DIY installation
  • Customer service is not that excellent
  • Shorter trial duration.

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Another household name in the home security segment is ADT, and both residential and commercial properties are taken care of through it. Recognized as the oldest home security company, it is partnered with indigenous authorized resellers to sell and install its home security and automation products in every nook and corner of the globe. The company stations multiple customer support centers worldwide as it aims to help customers use their home security gadgets with no chance of an outage. Interestingly, the customer support is provided round-the-clock, making it feasible for customers to get technical assistance whenever needs arise.

  • Multiple monitoring stations to keep home security products functional all the time
  • Get your cellphone connected with home security products to control their lighting, sensing, alerting, and locking technology
  • Fully wireless with an ability to work at home or away
  • Guaranteed home automation with cellular access to recording of events in real-time.
  • Debar from DIY or self-installation
  • Customer service differs from center to center
  • Absence of short-term contract.


When you wish to own home security systems to better the experience in monitoring your hard-earned assets, no home security company can able to recede the popularity of Frontpoint in the current time. If reports are to be believed, the company strives to make customers realize that their purchase of home security and automation products is worth their money. Besides, customer support extended by the company is second to none and enable customers feel happy with their preference of security system.

  • Compatible with Z-Wave technology
  • Superior customer service
  • Home automation and energy management
  • Environmental disaster protection.
  • No cellular access, especially in rural areas
  • Lack in short-term contract.

Protect America

Another popular home security brand that has been doing the round is Protect America. Its product line is expansive and comprises of indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, door locks, garage doors, thermostats, alarm systems and other home automation products to help home owners monitor their homes even when they are far away.

  • Relatively cost-effective
  • Wireless and chic home security systems
  • Get the opportunity to install security systems on your own
  • Compatible to smart-phones and Wi-Fi technology
  • Environmental monitoring and home automation.
  • Installation and cellular monitoring costs are hardly budget-friendly
  • Overall rating is not that impressive as of now.


SimpliSafe is regarded as a suitable alternative to install and control home security systems with no usage agreement. Most of the home security and automation products developed by the company are proven for monitoring immovable and movable properties inside our, enabling customers to give a peace a peace of mind when it comes to protecting their homes or offices from intrusion, fire breakout or flooding. You will able to choose from a wide range of home security and automation products available with the company, and you won't have to pay exorbitant costs to install and control them.

  • DIY installation is hardly difficult
  • Wireless home security systems for least hassle in controlling them
  • Get your property monitored through your mobile phone
  • Get alerts on your phone in case of any untoward incidents
  • Home security systems with the capability to shield the environment
  • Sensor-enabled alarm systems.
  • Absence of home automation options
  • Designs of home security systems seem to be less contemporary.


LiveWatch's home security devices are synonymous with customized security solutions, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Those unaware, Brinks Home Security is the brand name of LiveWatch security equipment, and all its product line is innovative enough to compete with other major brands available in the market. Integrated with the smart home hub, hacker protection, hands free alarm technology, and LTE cellular signal, the LiveWatch brand is deserved to be explored.

  • Security equipment enabled with home automation technology
  • Cellular alerts with the ability to control home security equipment from the smartphone
  • Wireless and easy DIY installation.
  • Extra installation fees if you seek professional help.


If you want to install a customized and innovative home security system, then the capability of Armorax can't be ignored. The company strives to build feature-rich and technologically advanced home security systems so as to ensure homeowners that their homes and valuable assets can stay safe even in their absence.

  • Inbuilt GC3 touch control panel
  • Varied monitoring options with cellular access
  • Least hassle and time consuming to configure and setup Armorax home security systems
  • Integrated with Z-Wave technology.
  • No cellular access, especially in rural areas
  • Extra installation fees if you seek professional help.


When it comes to features, Scout may or may not impress you. But the integration of a Nest Learning Thermostat or Nest Cam does persuade you install and control its home security and automation systems for overall safety of your home. Besides, the costs of home security systems are relatively cost-effective, and homeowners would love to have them for the safety of their friends and relatives.

  • Wireless equipment
  • Chic design
  • Swift response time
  • Easy DIY installation.
  • Backup power lasts only for half a day
  • Not as feature-rich as that of home security products from other brands.

However, you are recommended to read more reviews and compare home security and automation products of other companies to get the best deal on your money.