Protect America Home Security


Protect America Home Security

When it comes to home security systems, Protect America lies on the top of the list. It offers a wide gamut of the security products for a complete security of your home premises. The offered security products are known for their cutting-edge technology and cost-effectiveness. The wide array of the security products offered by Protect America includes-

Intrusion Detection Device

This intrusion detection device is a powerful Protect America home security system that can keep intruders miles away from your home. Supported by a touchscreen panel featuring a large display, it can offer an advanced security to your home. This is a self-contained unit having colored LCD touch-screen. It's easy to use, the icon-based operating system makes it cost-effective for users.

Door And Window Micro Sensors

The door and window micro-sensors of Protect America comes in a wide range of sizes offering flexible installation options. The wireless sensors are available with a battery life of 5 years and can be installed with an utter-ease. With the help of these security products, you can receive the signals whenever your door gets opened or closed

Indoor Wireless Motion Detectors

The offered indoor wireless motion detectors can be installed easily using wall mount-adhesives and cover a range of 25 feet horizontally. This intelligent security solution works by sensing the change in the temperature when someone makes movement in the room. Moreover, they are pet-friendly and pets weighing under 40 pounds are devoid of the sensing.

Live Video Surveillance

Protect America Home Security System includes high-definition wireless home security cameras, easy to install, use and maintain. With Protect America home security cameras, you can protect your home entrances secure from a suspicious visit. The night vision cameras secure your home when it is most prone to criminal activities. Moreover, the audio system integrated with your security cameras can help you to threat the burglars from a remote location

Life-Saving Technology

The monitored smoke detectors can save your loved ones from fire round the clock. A fire, when identified on time can be surmounted easily with an immediate action. In addition, your valued assets can also be prevented from getting vanished.

Home Automation

The complete range of the home automation from Protect America home security varies from smart lights to automated climate control and many more. “Is Protect America a good security system?” is one of the most frequently asked questions among the people looking for cutting-edge security products. Based on the expert’s analysis and customer’s review, we can help you with the best assistance related to choosing Protect America Security System.

How Do We Help

Looking for the best Protect America security system? Your search might end here. We work with a hand-picked team of experienced professionals to render security consulting services in an efficient manner. Whether you’re looking for remote check-in and automation, or fire protection for your home and environment, we can help you with the optimal solutions. Taking your unique security needs into consideration, we assist you with what suits the best.